Fool's Gold Throw Pillows

A few weeks ago while rummaging through the remnants section of JoAnn Fabrics, I found a beautiful length of chocolate brown and metallic gold with red accents. The pattern was like a '60s mod version of the Eye of Sauron. I was sold.

As fate would have it, this weekend I found two matching pillow forms buried in the As-Is section of Ikea. One was looking pretty junky covered in fuzz, but for five shiny quarters each I could learn to get past the weird look. "I will slipcover this in my awesome fabric!" Once again, I was sold.

The problem — my yard long section was not quite wide enough to cover both sides of the 18 inch pillow forms. I was pouting; then I took advantage of my secret weapon. Having a seamstress as a mom means having a guest room converted to a fabric and vintage clothes storage room. It took about five minutes to find a matching chocolate brown corduroy with alternating thick and thin railing. It had just a hint of sheen.

Now, for construction! Cutting the 19 inch square was super easy. I did almost pin the pieces together backwards. Pillows must always have right sides facing each other! However, no amount of pinning will prevent corduroy from "walking." It sort of squishes under the foot of the sewing machine and loses the perfect symmetry you worked for. Solution? Tiny tucks as you go along will account for the walking. When you see a bubble, press down on both sides as it approaches the foot so that it makes a little fold.

Here's a little more unsolicited advice for throw pillow construction. At the corners, make two or three stitches on a diagonal before continuing along to the other side. Also, never underestimate the needed size for stuffing your pillow into the case. I did and ended up ripping up the seams. This proved that the whole backstitch over your starting stitches around the opening thing is pretty useless. As long as you are a decent hand stitcher after the fact, you'll be totally fine. Here's your proof.

Doesn't it work to perfection with my headboard?

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