The No 'Poo Experiment

In my adventures across the internet, I've come across some crazy organic ideas. Sometimes the hassle and cost of adding organic elements to my college student life is too much to muster. However, the idea of never buying shampoo again is something I can get on board with.

According to my research, shampoo contains chemicals that strip hair of natural oils. These oils are necessary for healthy hair, so your coiffe begins to overcompensate. You probably begin to use harsher shampoos to combat the oil and the whole cycle continues.

Apparently there is a two week interim period for your hair to regulate oil levels. That's a bit too long for me to function in public without up to snuff hair. I got the head of hair that makes the stylists on prom night go "You want curls? Um, can I get some help over here?" So I found a baking soda shampoo substitute to help me out.

My first use came last night, right after I buzzed off my boyfriend's hair in a fitting symmetry that virtually negates his need for shampoo as well. The baking soda recipe was watery and hard to control. Luckily, it won't burn your eyes like regular shampoo. It does taste rather salty though.

Morning one, my hair seems tolerable. I'll pass judgment after I try to style this thing.

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